SPL Water House shop

All housings are sold directly through SPL Waterhousings. Email us for purchase price and to place all orders.

We fabricate fully custom water housings for DSLR cameras, video

housings and 16mm water housings.

We have used many different materials, every time upgrading to develop a stronger, more durable housing. Splash housing means our housing are for shallow water not for diving. We rate them for 15-20 ft max. A-SERIES (A for aluminum) are our latest and best design. Aluminum is very lightweight and stronger than normal fiberglass housings. All of our housings are custom built to the exact camera dimensions. If we do not own your specific camera for modeling purposes you will have to send it to us for the design and building process. Housings are a tight fit and all camera controls are critical, as well as port length and design. We treat all equipment that is sent to us like it was our own. We also try to have your equipment for the shortest possible time. Camera holding contracts are sent out as soon as we receive your equipment. Trust plays a major role in custom waterhousing building and we will never tarnish our reputation under any circumstances.

* All housings are tested thoroughly before they are shipped.

We work with many top professional photographers.

Please check out our client testimonial page that includes comments on our products and customer service.

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