What are the differences between SPL A-SERIES and SPLASH housings?

SPLASH housings can go deeper 40-50 ft. SPLASH housings are more molded shaped so they cut through the water easier. All attachments work on both housings. SPLASH housings will require you to send the housing back to install our flash waterproof connector for the flash attachment.

How are the A-SERIES housings constructed?

All housings are made of aluminum sheet metal. The metal is sheared to length, bent on a 25 ton sheet metal press brake and welded together by a certified welder with more than 10 yrs experience. The housing is finish sanded and sent to the platers for a hard anodizing finish. Next the housing is powder coated with an industrial powder coat paint.

What are SPLASH Housings made of?

SPLASH housings are made from a specially formulated urethane. Very tough and light weight. Formulated specially for us to handle the pounding surf and greater depth.

Why did we make SPLASH housings out of urethane?

To make manufacturing easier. Also so people will ask this question. We are trying to make everyone happy. Some people like front load housings, some like a rear load housing. Molded housings can also be made smaller and tighter to the camera. Urethane is used a lot in water based products, particularly urethane foam core. You can find out more about pu foam core and if you’re interested in using it, at Composites One.

What is the warranty on SPL and SPLASH housings?

SPL offers a 1 year warranty on material and workmanship of all Housings. This warranty is effective from the date of purchase and is non transferable. SPL will assess all warranty claims and when validated, the product in question will be repaired or replaced by SPL.

SPL will assume no responsibility for any loss or damage to any camera equipment used with or around our products under any circumstances. SPL also will not assume any responsibility for injuries sustained while using our products. Furthermore, SPL assumes no responsibility and will not be held liable for any loss of income or any costs incurred by users of our products for any reason. All prosecutions must be within San Diego, California, USA.

All warranty claims on our products can be submitted by contacting SPL through email to inform SPL of the situation and we will promptly respond with the correct course of action.

All repairs should be sent with your contact info and what you believe needs to be fixed to:


What lenses do most people use for shooting surf photos?

Most professional photographers shoot from the water with:


  • 15mm or widest possible for your camera
  • 20mm
  • 24mm
  • 85mm 100mm 135mm

Zoom lenses

  • 16-35mm ports come with either gearing or brush type control
  • 17-40mm ports come with either gearing or brush type control
  • 70-200mm f4 ports come with full zoom gearing
  • 70-200mm f2.8 IS and no IS ports come with full zoom gearing

** Telescoping lenses do not work very well inside waterhousing ports, because to produce a quality image, the front element on the lens should be as close as possible to the front element of the port.

What are the standard controls on the housing?

All housings come standard with aperture, shutter speed and manual shutter release controls. Digital controls for reviewing, deleting, iso and other custom functions are added at your personal request.

Why have we changed from fiberglass to aluminum construction of our housing body?

Mainly because it is cleaner, less toxic for the environment and production processes are half of what they are with fiberglass. Aluminum also does not crack. When you smash it on a rock or the reef it will dent or bend but it will not crack.

Can I take the housing diving?

Absolutely not. Our Splash housings are rated for 15-20ft max. or whatever surf you take the housing into. We have top professional surf photogs using our housings in the largest surf on the planet. Please check out our client list page.

Do you offer a warranty with your housings?

Due to many circumstances that are not under our control we can only guarantee that our housings will not leak do to a manufacturer’s error. We fully test all housings before they leave our shop. Housings, if cared for in a proper way, will last many years. We include a care instruction sheet with all housings. Please follow them.

** Damage can occur during the product shipping. If there is ever a problem when you receive your new SPL waterhousing please contact us asap.

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