I have been working with Sean at SPL for over a decade now. I feel so lucky to have Sean building housings for me. He has been pushing the best photographers in the world to try new housings to push the envelope of surf photography, and has really helped me push my own water shots and be creative with my flash photography too!!! I owe Sean alot and can’t say enough good things about him……Thank you Sean!!!


Two things that separate Sean from “the rest”: Passion and Speed. Sean loves what he does and for most of you, I assume the only reason you are thinking about getting a water housing is because you love what you do. To know that the person who is making your equipment is as much in to it as you are makes a lot of difference. He cares about what he puts out there because he wants it to be perfect. Speed—well there’s no other housing company that gets back to you like SPL. From the minute I put my request in, Sean was on it and had my water housing done the next week—this doesn’t happen that way anywhere else. If you need a housing for an assignment (and quick), SPL is the way to go, no doubt.


SPL Water Housing changed my life. Being able to mix my love of the ocean with my passion for photography is the best thing that ever happened to me. I can now go the “office” and get barreled at the same time. Seans’ amazing customer service is what sold me on SPL. I flooded him with at least 100 questions over a 6 month period before I finally bought the A Series for my 1d. Even though I bought it used from another photog, the great customer service continued and all my accessories and add-ons have came through with plenty of aloha from Sean as well as super quick delivery time. I recently used the 7d housing to film a commercial for the Mauli Ola Foundation. The easy to use features and controls made for a great clip! So whether Im chasing a shot for my next art show or bagging action to submit to the mags, SPL is the only brand I’ll trust for my equipment. See ya in the water!


Sean has been making me housings for 8 years now. Ever since I got the first one I’ve been hooked. They’re lightweight, durable and I’ve never had one leak on me… not one drop. Sean has worked with me to create new designs and is always uo to the task if you have an idea of your own. I wouldn’t ever think about getting anything else. Besides the quality of Sean’s work, he gets things done fast. I just ordered a new housing and got it in 10 days for a last minute trip. Don’t hesitate get one now.


From the first time I held one of Sean’s SPL Housings, the lightness and quality caught my eye. True craftmanship with solid controls for all camera functions, nothing Mickey Mouse about it. The clean body design, controls and ports provide the best optical quality. You can’t go wrong, they are the best on the market! Nothing can compare. Plus when Sean says a housing will be done it’s done and usually before it’s due date. I know I’ll be purchasing other SPL Housings for my specialized photographic works in the future.
Surfer Magazine photographer (35 years)


The ultimate Canon Mark III housing with detachable flash gives me incredible flexibility. In just one backpack I have so many options: fisheye, 100mm, flash, pistol grip, etc. I no longer have to carry three full housings around with me. This is definitely the way to go!


I’ve been using SPL housings for ten years and have relied on the durability and customer support that makes SPL the easy choice when I need to buy a housing. The new Splash housing is lightweight yet still retains the toughness SPL housings are known for and you never have to worry about leaks. SPL rules!
Senior Editor, TransWorld SURF


Whether I’m shooting underwater portraiture or action surf photography, I have always turned to SPL Waterhousings for the most dependable and reliable waterhousings on the market. I’ve had the same waterhousing for over 10 years without having a single issue with electronics or leaking. And that is something that I can only say about Sean Labrie’s waterhousings. Durable, reliable, and high quality ports make Sean my water housing manufacturer. Best in the business, bar none.

Photo Editor, Surfing Magazine



A client of mine saw a 270 degree panoramic action surf photo and wanted me to shoot their wakeboarding and waterskiing boats using the same technique. My assistant and I researched all of the custom waterhousing builders and determined SPL was the best. Sean built the very complicated housing for 2 cameras for the price he quoted, on time with a short deadline, everythinglined up perfectly the first time we used it and all the controls worked flawlessly. It wasn’t cheap, but this was a case where we definitely got what we paid for. My next waterhousing will without a doubt be from SPL.


I am so glad I came across SPL when I did! I was preparing for a 5-week assignment in Mexico to photograph several sailing events. I was looking for a housing that was lighter than my previous one, more durable and one that would accommodate flash/wireless lighting. I needed it fast and Sean delivered! It is everything you need and nothing you don’t. Plus the bright yellow helps along with my red helmet to make sure the boats don’t run over me 😉 I will definitely be buying more SPL housings in the future!


It is an honor and pleasure to write this testimonial for SPL Waterhousings and Sean Labrie. My name is Tony Roberts, I have been a full time professional surf photographer specializing in water shots for 28 years. During my career I have visualized, realized and perfected several wter angles never before captured. I was senior staff photographer at Surfing Magazine, director of video at O’Neill, first photographer hired at TransWorldSurf, principle photographer for the Quiksilver Crossing and now photo editor of CORE Magazine Centro America and exclusive staff photographer for Quiksilver (Latin America). Six months ago I ordered my first housing from Sean. This housing has taken my photography to the next level due to the design and construction of his housings. The reliability has been amazing and the strength- to- weight ratio incredible. While building the custom housing his communication was fluid and it was finished in a timely manner and delivered on the date promised. Moving into the future I have no doubt my contributions and innovation will continue to evolve thanks to SPL Housings. Thank you Sean.


The quality and durability of the SPL housings exceeded my expectations. I took a pretty bad beating on the reef with one, it was what seemed to be for sure a total loss… To my surprise the housing stayed water tight and survived with only a few battle wounds. The functions were easy to use and there for me in that moment when I needed them the most. I couldn’t be more stoked, SPL housings enable me to do what I love to most! Thanks so much! AlohA.


Over the course of the last two years, I have purchased a pair of A-Series SPL waterhousings for my Canon 20D and Canon 30D cameras. The workmanship and attention to detail are first class. the bodies fit snuggly into place and the controls are intelligently designed for reliability and ease of operation. the housings have performed flawlessly from day one and continue to function perfectly despite the rigors of daily use. The exemplary service I’ve received from Sean Labrie and SPL is yet another reason I feel confident in recommending their brand. I can say with all honesty, that my next housing will be another SPL.


I swear this was the first session out with your fisheye port!!!
You the man!!


I received one of Sean’s first Nikon D200 housings and it has been nothing short of amazing. I shoot a ton of high end underwater portrait work and the durability is second to none. The detachable flash and dual command knobs give you the freedom to shot in any lighting situation. Over the past year I have put this housing through everything and it still looks and performs as well as the first day I picked it up. I f you are serious about your gear and you want the most out of it look no further than SPL! I cannot imagine getting better results in an aquatic environment tha with housings built by SPL.Thanks, Sean.


Well, I got some updates since the lasttime we spoke… I’m the new photo editor at ESM. I’m pretty pumped on the job, I’ve been here six months and have gotten to shoot a lot! With that being said I NEED A NEW HOUSING… I was hoping to get for my Canon 1d MKII with a dome for the Tokina. Here’s a shot I got in NC with Gorkin… thanks for everything!!! If it wasn’t for you and your housings, I wouldn’t be where I’m at!! Thanks
Photo Editor Eastern Surf Magazine


Here’s one of the cover shots I was telling you about, shot with your housing. I mounted the housing to the board to get this angle, first time we tried it. Thanks again for the great work on the housing, much appreciated mate.


First day swimming out yesterday. Stoked on housing! Here’s one of many…


Buying the SPL housing for my Canon 7D was the best move in my photography career. I was so impressed by the finish of the equipment, beautifully crafted, light, super easy to dive and swim with. Everthing fits perfect, assembly is easy, the finish of the domes is impeccable. Shutter button is super smooth and precise.
Even in the small details Sean had the right answer. Custom leash, neoprene protection, everything is beyond my expectations.
It’s obvious I work better since I have been using this housing. I highly recommend SPL to anyone looking for professional equipment.


At the PWA Worldcup 2009 at Cabo Verde I had the chance to make my first shots with my new SPL waterhousing. It worked perfect!!! It’s amazing to be “inside” the action instead of sitting on the beach and only watching. The 70-200mm port was perfect for the conditions: not too close to get washed but still at the right place to capture the action.


Thanks to SPL I am doing things photographers can only dream about. SPL products are A+ and so is Sean’s service. The stuff I’m doing with my housings is really putting the SPL Housings to the full test. Pulling into huge bone crushing barrels and taking the full impact with the camera is dangerous for body and equipment. it blows my mind that not once have I ever got a drop of water inside my housing. the only thing that gets damaged is the ports, but that’s a cost of doing business. thanks to Sean’s hard work ethics and his fast turn around with ports and other products, I’m right back in the game getting the job done. Besides that guy is on it with sharing ideas and designing new product to help me take surf photography to the next level. We are working on things that will blow your minds!!


Just a few of the images and magazine covers that I’ve been able to capture thanks to your housings. Thanks for everything!


Some of the last pics I did with my housing. Many thanks for your awesome quality of work! One cover and one double spread page (windsport mag US).


I got my water housing for a Canon 7D and Tokina Fisheye, I was the Brazilian that went to your factory last September. This was my first day shooting Pipeline, this shot was the cover on Surline! I told you that you were gonna hear about me! hahahaa


UK waves come with bad winds, huge chop, cold seas, numb hands, frozen fingers, poor light, and short days. I’ve used SPL Housings for nearly 4 years now ,recommended them countless times and taken some big impacts, ski crashes, cover shots and airplane handling drops, nothing has ever gone wrong, they are bomb proof. Thanks Sean


Since getting an SPL housing for my Canon 40D, I’ve managed to have images both published and sold. I now run my own surf photography website. None of this would have been possible with out the exceptionally well built and highly functional water housing from SPL. I also have nothing but kind words for Sean when it comes to aftermarket questions and service with regards to housings or any accessories. I could not be happier with the the housing and could not recommend one more highly


I bought my first waterhousing for the Sony PC1000 from Sean three years ago. Since then I have bought 4 more housings from Sean for various cameras, including the new Panasonic AGHSC1U. The housing was a last minute necessity for my month and a half long trip to Hawaii. Sean was able to quickly construct a custom water housing for a camera that at the time just recently became available to the public. Despite all the time limitations Sean was working with, he was able to construct a very functional housing that met all my needs. Sean has always been available to work with me on new ideas for housings and camera setups.


I bought a housing from you about a year ago. I shot these with a Tokina 10-17mm and a 85mm. Thank you for such a reliable housing. I love the ease of use and light weight yet strong construction. Great product. I will use SPL from here on out.


I’m very happy with your equipment!!! Here’s the proof, two days ago Pasquales, Mexico. I’m getting a double page for this one. Thanks again Sean! Epic equipment!!


Hey, Im Ryan Mack 16 out of New Jersey. Bought my first housing from Sean during summer 2010 and the first time I swam out I loved it! I can’t get enough of how nice the housings are made, never had a problem with any of them. This winter I just picked up a housing for my mark iii and fisheye love swimming with it. It’s lightweight and just amazing. SPL housings are my life!!!!! Thanks alot!


I’m the proud owner of an SPL housing. They are functionally easy to use strong and lightweight, in or anywhere around water, giving me the best quality image possible. These are the only housings I recommend using. And have recommended since I picked one up. When it comes to Sean Labrie and SPL you get what you pay for, the best quality product you can rely on.
ASG/Grind Studio Photographer


I use canon photo gear and splwaterhousings. Although I work full time as a photojournalist at, in my early morning hours and free time I shoot water photography for surfing publications as well as for art exhibits here in Puerto Rico. SPL are just the most complete housings I have used. Every day I go in the water I learn something more. IT’s an ever evolving proJect and with SPL I have gone to some of the places I dreamed about since I was a kid. Wide angle and zoom photography is art with SPL. Fully recomended! Mahalo Sean for keeping it real for us water shooters out there in the energies of the ocean!!!


I needed a strong and dependable housing to shoot DSLR photos and video and my surf photographer friend Ryan Gamma recommended that I call Sean at SPL. I was going to be shooting underwater footage for a travel show pilot and was worried that there wouldn’t be time to get the housing before we left for the Bahamas. Sean did an excellent job handling a rush order, and I was amazed at how well the housing performed. I used it to shoot while being dragged through the water behind a boat and freediving 35 ft. underwater. I pushed the housing beyond the recommended limits and it proved to be amazingly durable.


Just wanted to thank you for the awesome housing! Attached are some images I’ve managed to get using my SPL. A few of these are being run in the Sufers Journal in their May issue.


I always had a strong respect for the ocean and after I left the job of lawyer to begin my real life as a photographer, I started searching for water housings. My goal was to stay as long as I could in the water, the place that I love, with all my friends, and perfect waves. Obviously, the ocean is an unpredictable place, so the waves aren’t that good so often, even more when speaking of Brazil. But, the main reason I’m explaining this situation, is because I had to have an equipment that I could trust. I’ve been to many countries, have shot in many different surf conditions, and the only thing that I am sure about, is that the housing that I have in my hands is doing it’s work. I’ve never had any problem with the SPL housing, not a single drop of water inside, no fogging, all buttons are working perfectly, everything fitting with surgical precision. Couldn’t be more satisfied with the equipment that I have. Thanks a lot to Sean for producing such an amazing product!


As soon as I jumped in the water with my new SPL waterhousing I felt completely comfortable. This thing can take a pounding in the surf and in my opinion is the most reliable surf housing on the market. This housing has truly brought my photography to the next level. My next one will definitely be from SPL.


From the moment I emailed SPL, Sean has been so helpful and had some great advice along with an amazing product. I have used a SPL housing for almost a year now and it’s been in some pretty hairy situations. After so many beatings and even contact with the reef the housing is still in perfect condition and has not let me down. I would recommend anyone thinking of getting a housing to go with SPL. They really are bomb proof! Thank you so much Sean for all your hard work and patience with answering all my questions. I’m looking forward to placing my next order with you soon.


I love my housing!!! The housing has brought countless smiles to so many surfers throughout my travels. I have also built up a few stories going through custom’s in Dubai and India with the housing. SPL is the only housing I would trust with my gear!!!


I have used Sean’s waterhousings for a few years now and they have always performed with precision. They are beautifully crafted, durable and lightweight. I use them with my Canon EOS 20D- with a wide angle zoom (16-35MM) and a telephoto zoom (70-200MM). Their versatility has greatly increased the number of good shots that I get per session.


Thanks very much for a great waterhousing, never had any problems, very easy to use and it feels like it can take a lot of punishment that the waves can dish out here in Margaret River, West OZ. I will have no problems recommending you to anyone that asks, thanks again not only for the quality workmanship on the housing but also for the fast and professional service you have provided. Looking forward to another order in the future.
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